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Focus on Reaper Miniatures

Posted by James on

Need some adventurers or monsters for your role-playing games? Need to flesh out you armies with some character models or extra troops?

Reaper Miniatures might just be what you are looking for. From classic dungeon monsters and heroes to large monsters and sci-fi heroes and heroines there is a massive choice.

Reaper Miniatures are made in the USA, are 25/28mm scale and come in a number of ranges and materials and are suitable for a wide variety of games and settings as well as for just collecting and painting.

Dark Heaven Legends - are classic fantasy miniatures cast in metal supplied in blister packs with integral bases.

Bones - are a new and ever expanding range of polymer plastic miniatures that can be painted without the need for undercoating.  Mainly fantasy (including official Pathfinder Role Playing Game miniatures), but with a smattering of Science Fiction, Pulp and other genres.  They are also priced with the budget conscious in mind.

Warlord - are a range of figures for Reapers fantasy battle rules. Cast in metal and supplied with square slotta bases these fit in well with the other ranges and minis from other suppliers. Ideal for character models for your rpgs or armies or to flesh out your troops.

Chronoscope - are a collection of metal minis supplied with round slotta bases. Covering everything from pulp and horror to science fiction and cowboys.

Legendary Encounters - don't fancy painting?  Want to get your figures on the tabletop or into the dungeon quick?  Reaper offer a range of pre-painted miniatures in their Asylum Miniatures Legendary Encounters line.  Unlike other pre-paints these are not blind packages so you can choose exactly what you need for that particular encounter or game.

Twisted Pinnacle Games supplies a great selection from all the ranges above including not just blister packs but also larger monster box sets - 28mm scale Cthulhu anyone?

These have been quite hard to get hold of in the UK in the past and we aim to carry Reaper as one of our core ranges. Check out our current stock now:


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